Where do I even begin?

I’m not sure quite honestly, and that’s been part of my problem all of these years.

Instead of just beginning and seeing where “IT” goes over time, and molding it as to goes, I’ve wasted a lot of precious time obsessing over what it needs to look like, what it needs to sound like, planning to plan (but never planning), talking about it but never doing it, reading all kinds of creative stuff and getting inspired but never taking action.

Or my other problem. Starting but not finishing. Hate that too.

Enough is enough, this can’t be anymore.

I can’t call myself a creative (with whatever creativity I’ve got left) and NOT CREATE.

i can’t waste another year.

Even with this blog, I started strong, had plans and ideas as to what I wanted it to be and where I wanted it to go, but I lost steam. I wrote one whole post last year I think. That sucks.

I can’t continue this way.

But what sucks even more is that I’ve said this before. Multiple times. I guess that’s just life and part of the ups and downs we experience. But I also can get caught up in my expectation for something, to the point where I easily get really thrown if it doesn’t happen or pan out the way I hoped, and then I get stuck. It takes a real effort to get myself going at time. I’ve gotten better at moving on, I’m not as bad as I used to be. That’s part of my “O.C.D.” I think.

Well I guess this is as good as a start as any, and it’s definitely better than the nothing that has been posted on this blog for the last year or more, that’s for sure.

So here it is, and it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be. And over time I’ll mold it, I’ll move it, I’ll make it, but I’m gonna at least show up and do it.

Here’s to starting again.



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