Yesterday my wife and I, with our son, attended a Easter Egg Hunt/Picnic in Central Park, with a bunch of friends from church. There was lots of fun, laughs, and good conversation. It nice to just slow down a bit and just hang.

Afterward a smaller group of us all went out for a late lunch together. Again, more fun, laughs and good conversation.

I didn’t want to go home (although I had to). I wanted to keep hanging out, and just enjoy the beautiful weather and good company.

Life can be so busy that it’s way too easy to just keep running at top speed and not stop to just be with people you love, or even just have some personal time to enjoy.

But yesterday just got me thinking a bit about community and how important it is to have.

I must admit though, that although I enjoy community there is a side of my personality that is very much a loner. I don’t mind being alone. I actually like to be alone and need it at times. But even I still need community.

The reality is that we were made to be in relationship. Whether that’s relationship with God, with friends, with family, with a spouse, or a boyfriend/girlfriend. We need that companionship.

So reminder to self, and friendly reminder to you too, slow down, take the time… make the time to be with others.

It’s important and it’s worth it.

You’ll be better for it as well as those you love.

– M



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