Hello All,

Yesterday we went on a little family adventure. I got home from work, we packed up the boys (Levi + Max), and headed for The Cloisters/Fort Tryon Park.
Incase you don’t know I’m talking about, Fort Tryon Park is a little gem tucked away up on Fort Washington in uptown Manhattan. You wouldn’t think its there because you have to drive through Washington Heights, AKA: The Dominican Republic, to get there. If you know anything about Washington Heights, you know what I mean. Nuff said.
Anyway, so the surrounding neighborhood is right off the Henry Hudson and is home to lots of old pre-war apartment buildings that are beautiful and still pretty well kept. It really is a little get away from all the craziness that encapsulates Washington Heights.
When you first walk into the park you’re met by a beautiful and newly budding botanical garden. Dummy me didn’t take a picture. Next time, I promise.
Past that are a couple of trails that all lead you eventually to The Cloisters Medieval Museum and outside grounds. Even if you don’t go into the museum, which I recommend you do, the park area and the views of the Henry Hudson River are more than enough reason to make the trip.
I’m not a big fan of New Jersey but it does look good from a distance. Not to mention the view of the George Washington Bridge is beautiful from the grounds there as well. The area is perfect for a family picnic, play time, jogging, a nice walk, or even just to curl up with a good book on a park bench.
Well here are a few pictures from yesterday’s trip. I would’ve had more if my iPhone didn’t die on me.
Next time! Enjoy!






That’s Levi hugging a tree. He just does that.