Yesterday my wife and I, with our son, attended a Easter Egg Hunt/Picnic in Central Park, with a bunch of friends from church. There was lots of fun, laughs, and good conversation. It nice to just slow down a bit and just hang.

Afterward a smaller group of us all went out for a late lunch together. Again, more fun, laughs and good conversation.

I didn’t want to go home (although I had to). I wanted to keep hanging out, and just enjoy the beautiful weather and good company.

Life can be so busy that it’s way too easy to just keep running at top speed and not stop to just be with people you love, or even just have some personal time to enjoy.

But yesterday just got me thinking a bit about community and how important it is to have.

I must admit though, that although I enjoy community there is a side of my personality that is very much a loner. I don’t mind being alone. I actually like to be alone and need it at times. But even I still need community.

The reality is that we were made to be in relationship. Whether that’s relationship with God, with friends, with family, with a spouse, or a boyfriend/girlfriend. We need that companionship.

So reminder to self, and friendly reminder to you too, slow down, take the time… make the time to be with others.

It’s important and it’s worth it.

You’ll be better for it as well as those you love.

– M



Sorry I haven’t written.
For those of you that follow this little blog, things have been busy.
Busy with lots and lots of stuff. Some good, some not so good, but busy.

Also, some of why I haven’t been writing is that I just haven’t felt like I’ve had anything worth writing about or worth your time reading about.
That’s not completely true, but still.

I’ve definitely been tempted to write, but for silly reasons.
None that I felt were good or genuine.

Reasons like:
My OCD self, inflicting some false sense of need/responsibility to write.
All the other blogs I read are really consistent…. mostly.
I want to be cool.
I like looking at the stats of how many people checked my blog after I posted a tweet/FB notice that I have a new post because that means I wrote something good… maybe.
This is one of the few goals that I actually got going on my list of “To Do’s for 2012”.

To tell the truth, I’m also still kind of navigating the purpose of this blog.
Is there a specific goal/purpose to this blog?
Is this just about anything and everything? (I think that’s it).
Am I writing this blog for me or for others? Is it both?

I’ve also been confronted with a wanting to be more blunt and real on this blog about my everyday in’s and out’s, my feelings, my struggles. And not always in the sense of a well thought out and organized blog post. More like a mental vomit to just get it out because it needs to. I’ve also been a bit afraid of the ripple effects of doing something like that…

It’s been tough to be consistent. It’s been tough getting going. But I’m not giving up just yet.

I do have some stuff I’m gonna post soon, hopefully you’ll like!
I have a DIY project I did recently.
Some family fun times to post about as well as my wife’s and I Mother’s Day all day celebration.
I definitely am going to work on the “mental vomit” thing as well.

So stick around please. It is coming!


I love my wife. I love my son. And of course, my dog Max has a huge place in my heart (can’t forget him). But I can’t even begin to express how much they fill my heart and complete my life. We’re not perfect, but we are a family, and quite honestly, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

I love you all.

Time to breathe again, time to create, time to feel alive, creatively speaking.
Let me explain.

Toward the end of 2011 I started reading a handfull of different blogs. Some were for Worship Leaders that I like, some that belong to friends, some design oriented blogs. But the one I want to mention belongs to a local Worship Leader here in Charlotte, John Mark McMillan. You should check it out, it’s real and thought provoking.

Anyway, he posted something that jolted me,  like a much needed kick in the pants. It goes as follows:

All Blog and No Bite: Part 2

My buddy Jason Windsor just tweeted this and I loved it so much I decided to make it a blog:

“You’re addicted to inspiration. You consume it but do nothing. You’ve been inspired enough for a lifetime; it’s time to go make something.”

The world starts making sense when you stop dreaming and start swinging the hammer.  Whether it’s with your drinking buddies at the Thirsty Beaver or at family church on Sunday morning, nothing you talk about means anything if you aren’t willing actually do something.  Stop high fiving and go do something.  It’s scary but it’s what you were born for.

Ok, so take a minute and think about that, because I had to.

I consider myself a creative person, but the truth is that I’ve done very little at all to create, or cultivate any creativity in me over the last four years. I allowed myself to fall into a slumber of sorts and justified it with a bunch of lame, semi-legit, but still lame excuses. Now I haven’t done completely nothing, but I didn’t do enough either.

-I didn’t write/finish enough songs.
-I didn’t practice singing enough.
-I haven’t picked up a paintbrush since I graduated from College for God’s sakes! GASP! (Until mid-2011 I had the opportunity to paint something for a video project. It was amazing, but that’s a later blog post). 
-I didn’t think up of enough creative ways to show my wife that I love and appreciate her. (Yeah I would list that under creative things too).

And the list can go on, but I think you get the point.

So the point of this blog post, and this blog altogether is to start taking steps again towards being creative, towards living again, whatever that looks and sounds like. Now this blog won’t only be a place for discussions on creativity, or a place to display something I’ve made, painted, or written. That will get repetitive. But this will also be a place where I hope we can talk about all kinds of things like God, life, marriage, music, the lastest whatever. Let’s just talk.

Original, isn’t it? I know! =)

And definitely come back, I’ll be editing the look of this blog as I go along, adding a portfolio page for my art and design work, and some other cool things I’ve got planned.

Hope to see you around, blessing!